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. about 26 people are now being helped by the red cross. >>> i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. >> former president bill clinton fires up the crowd at the democratic national convention. we are heading there live to bring you reaction of last night and a plea view of what is up tonight. >>> and meteorologist mark tamayo will have the weather. and volunteers turn out to help a bay area veteran. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >>> highway 17 was shut down in both directions for several hours overnight. the cab of a truck carrying liquid nitrogen melted after catching fire around 10:00 p.m. it happened near summit road in the santa cruz mountains. the fire burned part of the hillside as well but flames did not g
and the delegates will soon take their seats at the democrat convention to support president obama in his bid for four more years. nicole collins is in charlotte, north carolina with a preview of tonights featured speakers. >> reporter: the presidents better half has a pretty high favorable rating among americans, the obama camp hoping she can once again prove to be a positive force for his campaign. >> michelle obama on a dry run of the stage she's set to speak from tonight. the first lady slated to headline the dnc's opening night is expected to provide a personal touch when speaking about her husband. >> michelle obama's speech will be as important as the presidents because michelle obama is the most popular thing about the white house and she is what a lot of independent voters still love about the white house. it's her. >> as the dnc prepared to get under way in north carolina monday, republican vice president shall nominee gpaul silvi ryans campaigning a couple hundred miles away in the same state. >> a change is clear. the differences is no matter what they say in charlotte this week,
. president barack obama is in cincinnati ohio where he announced the white house is aggressively going after unfair trade practices by china. president barack obama is demanding china's government stop subsidizing that which costs jobs. >> these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly line in ohio and across the midwest. it is not right, it is against the rules and we will not let it stand. >> reporter: the obama administration plans to ask the world trade organization to take action against china for subsidies. >>> and mitt romney fired back against the president's statements today and mitt romney issued a statement accusing mr. obama for ignoring china for too long. he called it too little too late for middle-class families and mitt romney promised he will work from his first day in office to compete in the global market. >> he got the feeling it was easier to find a pet, a lot of pet than it was to find a lot of human being. >> away area woman said he is looking for a missing loved one who was last seen on a train. >>> and the bay area weather is about to ch
. the campaign says that is because it is a private home. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco for a fundraiser on monday, october 8th. this morning he was in virginia. there he challenged mitt romney on his promise to change things in washington, d.c. >> one thing i have learned is their is that you can't change washington just from the inside, you change it from the outside. you change it because people are mobilized. you change it with the help of ordinary americans. >> we have added years -- >> mr. obama also spoke by satellite to the senior lobbying group aarp in new orleans. the president defended his plan for medicare and social security. >>> when it comes to campaign finances, president obama has about 88 million dollars available to spend in the six and a half weeks before the november election. romney has 50 million on hand but also needs to repay 15 million dollars he borrowed on a campaign loan. >>> anti-american protests grew violent today in pakistan. police fired tear gas and bullets at protesters in islamabad. at least 19 people have died in protests across pak
that contained a loaded gun. >> president obama and mitt romney are campaigning hard today in the key swing state of ohio. a new cbs poll out today gives mr. obama a 10-point lead over mitt romney in ohio. about 90 minutes ago, the president spoke to a crowd of cheering students at bowling green state university. he said romney is a big believer in top down economics. >> they basically think if we spend 5 trillion-dollar on tax cuts that favor the very wealthy, then, don't boo. vote. >> vote. >> today, mr. obama's campaign staff confirms reports that they will spend three days in nevada preparing for the presidential debate. >> mitt romney face as uphill battle in westerlyville and he received a big boost from jack nicklaus. he called him a fellow champion in business and economics. he said as president he would strengthen america. >> i will strengthen america. and i will strengthen our values and homes and our economy to make sure this economy can ignite our capacity to put people to work and provide the resources we need to have the strongest military in the world. >> romney criticized obama's
obama and mitt romney are campaigning today in the break -- battleground state of virginia. >> thank you! thank you! >> the president attended a midday rally in virginia beach. it's a generally republican area that's home to many families, retirees and civilian workers. virginia went from mr. obama in 2008 and he leads in the polls there now. today, the president -- today, the president talked about opportunities for everybody. >> we don't believe anybody is entitled. we don't believe the government should not help folks who are not helping themselves but we believe in -- in country and we believe in a country where hard work pays off. >>> romney talked about national security in springfield, virginia. he said the world is a dangerous place and president obama is not doing enough to protect the american people. >> i'm concerned about the direction america is headed. the white house proposed a sequestration, kind of a gun to your head opportunity which is if congress couldn't get the job done and president couldn't lead them, they would make devastating cuts to the military. >> the two fa
.c. to be there when his body is returned. >>> president obama has ordered warships to head to the lib bea yun coast to protect american interests as the controversial film made by a southern california man -- libyan coast to protect american interests as the controversial film made by a southern california man is creating issues, and in baghdad, demonstrators burned the u.s. flag and called the video an insult to the prophet muhammad. [chanting] >> and in yemen, friday testers scaled the -- protesters scaled the walls of the u.s. embassy today. it's unclear if the personnel had been -- american personnel had been rejected. >> to me, to us personally, this video is discussing and reprehensible. it appears to have a deeply sin new kell purpose to denigrate -- cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and promote rage. but as i said yesterday, there's no justification, none at all. for responding to this video with violence. >> reporter: secretary crin ton says the white house is taking steps to stop the latest protest in yemen from becoming a deadly threat to americans there. the afghan governmen
there remains a threat of flood. >>> in a couple hours president obama will be in louisiana to survey the aftermath of hurricane isaac. the president will meet hurricane residents. a quarter million people in the region are still without power. republican presidential nominee mitt romney visited the their on friday. the democratic national convention kicks off in north carolina tomorrow. president barack obama is making his way there but first before he goes to louisiana he's making a campaign swing in ohio. ktvu tara moriarty joins us from the newsroom to explain how this labor day the president tried to rally a crowd of union workers. >> reporter: that is right. the president used a lot of sports metaphors. he said mitt romney would guide the nation to a losing season. the president referred to a recent romney speech in which he said it was time to get a new coach. the president told supporters the problem is americans have already seen romney's economic play book. >> on first down he hike passes by nearly $2,000 on the average family with kids in order to pay for a massive tax cut
a secretly recorded video from a romney fundraiser. in one comment he described supporters of president obama as victims. >> 47% that are with him that believe they are victims who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. >> last night romney avoided an apology but said he could have spoken more elegantly. he said he was trying to explain the difference between his campaign and the president's. >> we have a different approach the president and i between a government dominated society and a society driven by free people pursuing their dreams. >> the obama campaign issued a response saying quote it's hard to serve as president for all americans when you have disdainfully written off half the nation. >> we know for a fact when girls are involved in athletics they do better across the board. they are either more confident, they do better in school, they have less social problems. >> president obama is in washington, d.c. today where he welcomed the minnesota links to the white house. it's been a year since the female basketball team won the wnba championship but the white hou
as offensive to islam. president obama ordered that flags be flown at half staff above government buildings and military posts around the world. that order will remain in place as a tribute to chris and his staffers until /he set the sunsets on sunday. alex, you've talked with him who remembered him well. he went to school here. >>reporter: everyone has high prays for the ambassador. he attended law school right here in san francisco. one former professor i talked with told me the way he died says a lot about the kind of man he was. we're going and try and get the interview with the professor. >> we'll head back shortly. >>> libya is responding with apologies and condemnations. >> it's unfortunate we inherit a regime like this, using torture against our people. we have to get that out of this country and out of this tradition. >> u.s. officials are viewing his comments with skepticism, saying there's a pattern of denial. >>> mitt romney today criticized president obama's response to the tragedy in libya, claiming the president does not stand up for american values and pointed to an unauth
and seniors. it's at 22 board way. >> president obama on was delayed a bit due to thunderstorms. the president will formally accept his nomination tomorrow tonight. former president bill clinton is set to address the delegates. there are new developments about where the president will make his speech. nicoles joins us from charlotte. >> siting thunders storms, the convention says the president will accept the speech at the time warner center. the last minute swap could be a logistic cal nightmare. >> he brought economy from the brinks of collapse to good jobs right here in the united states of america. >> ms. obama asked for more time to see the change her husband rommeled in 2008. a slew of other speakers -- running mate's plan for the future. including jillian who was the speaking. >> the romney budget doesn't just pull mall the middle class, it dismantles it. >> paul rye yon on fox this morn. >> this is what you expect when you have a president who can't run of his record. >> the romney campaign also slamming democrats, saying government belongs to the american people, not the other way aro
: the president obama visited with the soldiers and their families this afternoon. back to you. >> thank you. the building of a memorial museum is now moving forward. coming up in 15 minutes, the big announcement last night about the delay and solution. >>> it was a show of unity by members of congress this morning. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that love ♪ >> just as they did on the evening of september 11th, 2001, after the attacks, they gathered on the steps to sing "god bless america." >>> allie rasmus is live at an event in sunshine where a symbolic gesture is now burning. >> reporter: we're standing next to the 9/11 memorial. you can see some people also left some flowers here at the site to pay their respects to 9/11 victims. across town earlier this morning, san jose firefighters pay tribute to the victims of september 11th. >> at this moment, i would ask that we have a moment of silence for those who lost families and friends in the 9/11 attacks and remember those members active and retired that we've lost this year. >> reporter: at exactly 6:59 this morning, the time the first t
candidates are in florida concentrating on the latino vote. president obama arrived in miami this morning. he is appearing at a candidate forum on the spanish language network univision. polls show the president obama with a commanding lead in the latino population. >> this is a a campaign over the 100% and you have seen greater and greater devie sievness in this country. we had hoped to come back together but instead you see us pull apart. >> republican no, ma'am me mitt romney spoke at the same forum yesterday, he is also focusing on the latino vote. he plans to rally in sarasota. mitt romney will be at a $50,000 per person event. guest who is give a gift of $100,000 will receive election night invitations. >>> moments ago, martinez police announced that a man who crashed into a pump at a gas station and ignited an intense fire last night will not be cited or charged. the fire started at 5:30 p.m. at the flex oil and gas station on la ham bra avenue. you can see a chevy sedan losing control. two cars were destroyed in the fire but could have been worse. the quick-thinking station clerk hit
. >>> president obama's approval rating is more than 50% for the first time since may. that is according to a new associated press we will. >> they think it is right ng the right direction. >> but the latest pole shows. >> a slight edge in the key swing states. and starting today. >> you can register to vote on line. >> an otter registration form is available on the secretary of state's website. >> to remember her on line. you need to id card. so they can verify your information. >> october 22nd is the time to vote. >> after community input, the officials approved an 18 million dollars plan for a mass sonic avenue up grades. it will turn mass sonic avenue into a bike friendly boulevard. and between gary boulevard. >> it includes the removal of all 67 poring and wider sidewalks and additional of a landscape median. >> of a san jose man known for his big aptitude is going people to cut down on their teching. it is a nationwide effort for joey chestnut who got into a similar tore. >> and a person is texting while driving. >> he said he is very familiar with the problem. >> you have seen several acci
appearance set for chicago later today. >>> president obama has no events scheduled today. he might still be recovering from this enthusiastic greeting. a peteia deliveryman said he was so excited he couldn't help himself. the secret service approached the bear hug ahead of time. >>> this woman's company recent lip used a loan by the fda to expand. >> the fda says that loan allowed them to into -- allowed them into move into a 130,000 square foot facility. she says this is a good example helping a small business be successful. >>> lucky to be arrive. we will show you the -- we'll show you the dramatic rescue coming up. >>> and rosemary will be here in minutes to go -- to tell you how long the great summer weather will laughs. >> i had to work and then i -- yeah. >> why these people are camping out. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase a
week in benghazi, libya. president obama, vice president biden and secretary clinton were all taking part in that event as the remains of the four americans returned to american. this a is a short time ago as the four draped caskets were carried by a plane, by a military honor guard. the americans were ambushed on tuesday by assailants with rocket-propelled grenades. one of the them was chris stevens from pedemont high, graduate of 1978. graduated from hastings law in san francisco. >> i want to thank his parents and siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. what a wonderful gift you gave us. >> they didn't simply embrace the american idol. they lived it. they embodied it. the courage, the hope and yes, the idealism. that fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. secretary clinton attendance at the ceremony was personal for her because she said she sent ambassador stevens to libya knowing she sent him on a risky assignment. [chanting] >> demonstrations are taking place in nearly a dozen countries in the mid
obama is back in washington, d.c. this hour after two appearances in new york city. first he spoke before the united nations' general assembly where the discussion was focused on anti-american rage in response to a low- budget film that makes fun of the muslim prophet muhammad. the president said the film is an insult not ownly to muslims but to america as well. >> i have made it clear the united states had nothing to do with this video. i believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our commonality. >>> candidate mitt romney spoke at the clinton global initiative a couple of hours before the president was there and he offered his opinion on the u.s. foreign aid system and the handling of the middle east violence. >> syria has witnessed the kill else of tennings to -- killing of tens of thousands of people. our ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. iran is moving to nuclear capability. >> there was no bipartisan resentment on stage as romney stood side by side. in fact, he joked about the good he could have on the polls. >>> some students are hard a
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